Secoti Software Development Kit

Connect applications, devices and infrastructure to a secure central network.


Use Secoti’s Software Development Kit as the foundational keystone for your infrastructure. Connect your systems hardware and IoT-enabled devices in a clean closed and protected environment using our Software Development Kit. Keep your infrastructure secure and guarantee your peace of mind.



Privacy as the keystone

Secure your infrastructure by connecting your systems and hardware within a closed environment that you control.


Security by design

Most software and hardware wasn’t designed with security and privacy in mind. Build a secure and trusted network from disparate systems and devices to enable infrastructure integrity.


Flexible tool

Build a secure trusted network that meets your specific needs. Have confidence in the integrity of your infrastructure.


Connect diverse software and hardware

Our Development Kit is software and hardware agnostic. Connect a diverse range of systems and devices into a single closed environment.


Our partnership approach

We are experts in security and privacy. Our team will leverage their backgrounds and experience to help you build a system that meets your requirements and delivers data confidence

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