Encrypted Mobile Communication Solutions

Keep your calls, messages and data private with our secure mobile communications app. Every call, every message, every time.


A discrete closed communications system with end-to-end encryption at all stages keeps your personal and professional data confidential.

Paul Manister · Founder

Photo of Paul Manister, the founder of Secoti

A branded secure mobile communication solution with encrypted and private 1-2-1 and group messaging, video calling and file sharing.

Customise and manage your communication infrastructure’s compliance by embedding your policies and processes directly into the solution with a User Management Console that you control.

Why choose Secoti?


Secure by design

Communications via Secoti are protected within a separate and discrete ecosystem, secure from 3rd parties who may want to capture, analyse or exploit your data. Built using NCSC 14 Cloud Security Principles and fully compliant with, and can protect, UK “Official Sensitive” and “Occasional Secret” data when used in accordance with Secoti’s Risk Management Accreditation Document Set (RMADS). Our products are communication privacy solutions, not your data.


Protect your privacy

A discreet and dedicated ecosystem for your communications, enabling you to keep your private information truly private and confidential. Because no communication company needs access to an individual’s personal contact directory.


Own all of your data

Ringfence your communications, raw and meta-data with end-to-end encryption of data at all stages, including rest, transit, encryption and backup/storage. Our clients own their solutions, with minimal data held by Secoti. That’s no external backups, no copies. Just you, in control of your communications and data.


Take back control of your communications

A client-controlled User Management Console to empower your IT and Security teams. Configure your policies, rules and permissions into the application to give your CISO and your CTO peace of mind and infrastructure certainty.


Maintain infrastructure integrity and security

Protect your infrastructure and maintain security across the new hybrid office-home working environment with a closed communications ecosystem.


A communications solution customised for you

A flexible communications solution that doesn’t compromise on security, privacy or functionality. Choose a tailored mobile communications solution with your preferred deployment instance, corporate branding and app name.



End to end encryption

Full encryption of data at source, in transit and at rest.


Closed communications solution

No data is accessed or shared with Secoti or 3rd parties. Photos and videos taken within the app, stay within the app.


User Management Console

Centralised administrator hub for your IT and Security teams to manage, monitor and enforce compliance.


Strengthen compliance

Manage compliance and mitigate your risk by embedding your policies, procedures, accreditation and legal (e.g., GDPR) requirements into your solution.


Make it your own

Extend your brand experience to your communications platform. Engage your customers, partners and investors using a platform that aligns to your brand values.


Secure data compliance

Fully compliant with NCSC 14 Cloud Security Principles to protect UK ‘Official Sensitive’ and ‘Occasional Secret’ data.

When used in accordance with our risk management toolset.

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